Hi from Jacques,

Let's be honest. Most of us are not getting the amount of speaking, coaching and training gigs we want to, are we?

Like me, you've probably got a website promoting your speaking, training and coaching business.

I'll bet my bottom dollar that you're hardly getting any organic traffic from the search engines through to your site (i.e. people who are looking for you to help them).

The only one I can see who has cracked the rankings code is the Marie Grey Speakers Bureau and Andrew Horton, a fellow speaker. For now (from November 2018) his website is at #6 as you can see from the screenshot below.

But, that's not as sexy as it sounds because at the #6 position he only gets 4,4% of total searches in South Africa for *'motivational speakers' (18 100 per month). That translates to 796 visitors a month. But it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. If he just converts 1% of his visitors to book him; that's 7 gigs a month. Even if he only charges 10k per presentation (and I know he charges more), that's 70k a month. Not too shabby in my books.

By the way, I phoned Andrew to verify the numbers. He confirmed that they were about right.

*motivational speakers still get the most searches. The rest e.g. business speakers, keynote speakers, sales speakers, conference speakers, get substantially less searches. But, I still include them and other semantic terms in all my search engine marketing efforts. But, for this exercise, I'll use 'motivational speakers' only. So, if you're a coach, trainer or consultant, you know what your keywords are and this letter still applies to you. Hope that's ok with you?

Dear professional speaker, coach, trainer and consultant

You know how soul-sucking it is when your website is nowhere to be found on the top of the search engines, don't you? It's frustrating how much blood, sweat and tears (and money) you've put into your website and it's generating no leads for you, isn't it?

I solve this.

I get your website found on the search engines by your customers so that you can do more speaking, coaching, training and consulting, more consistently.

It'll take you a long time to catch Andrew up with your current website.


Because he has written his backside off for more than 10 years. I remember him telling an audience that he gets up at around 3am every morning to write content for his website. I don't know if he still does it now that he is super successful, who knows? All I know is that he has 2150 pages indexed in Google.

In Google terms, relevant content really is king!

So, he has a BIG website.

If your website has less than 100 pages indexed, it's really not going to do as well in Google as it could or be found by your customers.

You'll notice that my two websites are represented in the screen shot below as well. Am I up in the rankings for 'motivational speakers'? No!

But, that's because I haven't optimised my website properly with the keyword 'motivational speakers'. Jacquesdevilliers.co.za, however, gives me steady work because it is heavily key worded with 'sales training' which is my core offering.

This is Andrew Horton, by the way.

You're right, of course. They aren't ranked well in the search engines for 'motivational speakers', yet they're still making a killing in the speaking industry.

But, they've been in the business for 20+ years and get most of their business from referrals and their past clients.

So, for them, getting top rankings in Google would be a bonus, but not a necessity.

Who needs organic search when I can just advertise on Google PPC?

Of course you can and that's a good strategy. But, at $6.25 per click for the keyword 'motivational speakers' that could be an expensive exercise. The speakers who are advertising have got deep pockets. I'd guess that they're spending in excess of R20 000 per month to get into the top 3 Google ads for the keyword 'motivational speakers'.

And, even if you could afford it, your sales landing page is a mess or non-existent, so your conversion rate would be extremely low. Am I right?

Come on Jacques. The top speakers in our industry aren't even ranked high in search!!!

No, you're not. Well, not if you and I work together anyway

In November 2017 I created a website to help speakers, trainers, consultants and coaches with the marketing end of their business. I called it the uninspiring name of Professional Speaker Services.

The idea is to provide copywriting, book writing, content marketing, social media marketing, web design and a whole bunch of other services to speakers, trainers and coaches.

This is still the idea.

But then I thought. What if you can turn this into the most content-rich website in South Africa and get top search engine rankings for the keywords: motivational speakers, business speakers, business coach, life coach, conference speakers, keynote speakers, executive coach, sales speakers and the hundreds of other long tail keywords (e.g. best motivational speakers in South Africa)? How would that feel?

I think it would feel pretty, damn good, don't you? Especially if it translates to sales, which it will!

I have the skills, knowledge and digital marketing tools to get excellent rankings for all the keywords I choose to push in the next 3 - 6 months.

Jacques has a pin-point understanding of what it takes to succeed on Internet search engines, and as a speaker he has the ability to convey these “other-worldly” concepts in a concise and usable manner. Erik Vermeulen, Professional Speaker and Business Consultant, Author


The downside for you is that I'll be vying with likes of Andrew Horton and the other 15 for top rankings.

With the deepest respect, this means that you'll still be nowhere in the search engine rankings and I'll be eating off a full plate and raking in speaking, training, consulting and coaching work.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------But, if I want a content-rich site (2000+ pages), I'm not going to pull it off alone.

So, I'm giving you an opportunity to provide me with original content and get yourself found on the search engines so that you can get more bookings.

What's the offer?

Let me put your speaker, coaching, training and consulting profile onto Professional Speaker Services and help you market your business.

What You'll Get

  • 4 strategic positions on the website (1) a short speaker bio (50 words) on a speaker page (2) a dedicated page with your name http://www.professionalspeakerservices/speaker-name - 300 words (3) author page for your blog posts (4) A sales landing page for your speakers profile
  • 6 x 300 word articles on the website under your name
  • 12 x posts (one a month) onto my Facebook speakers pages - A photo, 20-word caption and a link back to your sales page
  • 12 x tweets (one a month) on my Twitter properties
  • 1 x email blast promoting you to my email database
  • Profiled on my LinkedIn Business pages
  • If you run courses and workshops, they will be advertised on the website's events section
  • 20% discount on any additional services you take up from Professional Speaker Services
  • Backlinks from my other web properties to add to your search engine status
  • Links back to your current website
  • Calls to action to your current website - Yes, you get to do the deals yourself and keep 100% of them. I'm not acting as an agent at all.
  • Monthly reports on the websites progress, how many people looked at your page, etc

Anyone who can’t apply at least five of your tips immediately to radically improve their sales results needs a brain transplant. Paul du Toit, Managing Director, Congruence Group

  • R2 597 per year

What's It Going To Cost?

Free Bonuses

  • A comprehensive Website Report on your existing website so that you can start optimising it properly for search engines - Value R2 000.00
  • Insider Secrets To Speaker Marketing - you'll get all my marketing tips via a weekly email so that you can implement them for yourself

And, of course, you have me ... your digital marketing and sales manager. I can't promise that you'll get rich out of being in this project. But, I can promise you that I will go to bat for you all the way and hold your hand until you are successful.

By the way, it is my real belief that you are as good, if not better than some of the perceived top speakers, trainers and coaches; you just haven't caught the break that will get you in front of more audiences more consistently.

A listing on Professional Speaker Services may just be that break (or not). But, you really have nothing to lose except a bit of money and some time. I'm totally vested in your success because I'm going to spend 4+ hours setting up your profiles, keyword research and search engine marketing on your behalf. I'm committed. Now it's up to you to get committed.

Go to the sign up form below, reach out and connect and let's see how I can set you up for success.

Still not convinced?

Phew, you're a hard taskmaster. I know you might want to see what the actual product looks like. So, I'm ahead of you there. Have a look at other speakers who have listed and see if it resonates with you. So, go here now and follow the simple instructions for a guided tour. Then, get back here and join this movement.

Some of the more than 30 speakers, coaches, consultants and trainers that have already listed with Professional Speaker Services.

I’ve attended one of Jacques’s presentations on Internet marketing. Brilliant value for money and he really shares openly. Wolfgang Riebe, Professional Speaker, Author, Past National President of the Professional Speakers Association

Fill in your details and press send.

I will contact you telephonically to answer any questions and to make sure that this really is a solution for you.

Jacques de Villiers started his career in marketing, advertising and public relations since graduating with a Dip. Public Relations in 1987.

Since then he has had more than 400 articles published on behalf of his clients, ghostwritten 6 books and conducted 1 200 presentations on sales, public relations and marketing. In the last 20 years he has penned more than 7,2-million words.

When he is not speaking, consulting, writing or training, you'll find him playing chess, catching bass and running.